Driver card system (tags)

Creating excellent service conditions for professional drivers should nowadays be the main goal of each station. Especially the professional, looking station with 24-hour service, flexible payment methods, transaction speed, competitive price and friendly environment.

The system of driver’s cards / tags is the only solution in which the station can respond reliably and efficiently in all of the above criteria, offering:


  • safe identification of the driver, via encrypted code embedded on the card / tag
  • 24-hour service without the need to use automated fuel vendor
  • refueling with automated compliance of credit lines
  • possibility of using prepaid cards / tags
  • automatic document issuance upon completion of refueling (automatic pricing)
  • reduction of operating costs of the station through the possibility of self-service and automated invoicing

The solution is provided by a wide variety of terminals card / tags readers suitable for surface mounting on the pumps to ensure quick and reliable service guide. The automatic version document provides activation option for them and only corporate clients and / or guides the operator wishes. The fact that in the document issuance process does not interfere with any human action ensures that the data of the document is absolutely real. This is an important advantage of the relationship of trust between the operator and the corporate customer. 


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