Portable terminal devices

Today's workers need real-time communications and access to critical business data in order to make decisions about services to their customers.


The inside or outside of the car navigation is easy. With an internal GPS receiver, either built into your device, the mobile terminals provide navigation without the need for external peripherals.

The professional for delivery companies
It is the essential assistant for all the courier, postal and delivery services with CCD or laser barcode reader, digital signatures on the touch screen and data transmission via GPRS.
Direct on-site payment is guaranteed by means of the integrated magnetic card reader and / or chip cards.

The expert in safety systems
The portable terminals make monitoring of goods, persons or buildings easy, using RFID Technology.
The unique BackPack technology easily integrates different devices including, RFID readers with different frequencies and different distances. The basic device simply connects the different readers using the standard built-in port. The integrated camera or imager can recognize photos, identity cards, passports or documents with high resolution and read data by using OCR, directly on the mobile device or pass them to a central control computer.

The manager and "worker" in warehouses and stock control management
The mobile terminals can be equipped with a wide range of barcode readers in accordance with the storage requirements.
Whether CCD or laser, short-range or long-range, they can all be integrated. If warehouses are already equipped with appropriate transponders, different RFID readers can be integrated. If both technologies are in use in the warehouse, the detector and the RFID reader can be integrated on the same device. By selecting Powerscan, has become an essential worker in the warehouse. The additional battery with a quick change function, ensures trouble-free, constant use.


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