Petrol Station infrastructure

In an area of ​​special requirements, RayCom's extensive experience over the last 20 years has made it a capable company in the difficult and dangerous field of fuel.

In the dangerous and high demanding field of fuel, RayCom's extensive experience over the last 20 years has made us a very capable company.

Over the past 10 years, we have built and serviced more than 250 public and private gas stations all over Greece, delivering turnkey solutions.

The department that works on gas stations systems can start from scratch, emphasizing on the proper research and development of a station to the completion, the support and meantenance of it.

Our company undertakes projects such as:

  • Gas station construction
  • Reconstructions - renovations
  • Supply and installation of pumps
  • Supply and installation of tanks
  • Branding - corporate identity
  • Gas station Systems Infrastructure
  • Supply and installation of vending machines
  • Pump and infrastructure maintenance
  • Waterproofing of manholes
  • Replacing old manholes with new polyester
  • LPG installation
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