Data Recovery

Data Recovery (disaster recovery)

The objective of this category of services, is in an expeditious and effective recovery of the main services and functions of an enterprise, so after any disaster equipment, to continue with the lowest cost of operation.

Disasters of this type can be derived either from natural causes or from human actions.

In any case, based on analysis of customer’s IT requirements, an action plan drawn up under which the gradual restoration of the company's computer equipment.

The category of these services is quite important, as it is now difficult to operate for a long time because  of its computer equipment lacking.

Reset Operation with available equipment
In case of a disaster - device of IT equipment of the undertaking ,RayCom using spare devices of the company's equipment and the use of data in the equipment, where is possible, immediately restore the smooth operation of the computerized system with equipment that RayCom give the undertaking. 

Breach - Burglary Passwords
RayCom provides solutions to "break" access to customers who lost access slogan resulting in no longer have access to the data of the applications. The procedures are made with advanced techniques even when the data is not in good condition or to consolidate them is very complicated.

Data recovery
RayCom provides solutions and recover data from any erased data carriers and operating systems of all types due to logical or physical damage. In the area of ​​disaster recovery of workshops, specialized engineers develop highly sophisticated technical equipment in order to achieve perfect data recovery procedures. The value of digital materials and data that have been recovered so far by its specialized engineers of RayCom is up to 90% of full data recovery success stories - amounting to sums million Euros.


The most frequent reasons for data recovery from disk

  • Delete the file system / Folders archive (FAT) ground fault.
  • Partition the disk into sections made by the user.
  • Accidentally formatting of the data carrier by the user or due to a virus.
  • Any duplication of data from new data from user error or failure of the system.
  • Fault of logic base of all kinds including possible problematic software installation.
  • Damage to the natural basis: faulty disk or disk head crash.
  • Extreme situations: burning or splashing or breaking of the hard disk


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