Electronic Inventory Solutions

What is Electronic Inventory.

Electronic Inventory is the most reliable solution for the electronic management of inventory using barcode. This process with the addition of technology helps businesses automate their warehouse processes quickly and easily.

To whom is it adressed to:

In commercial and industrial enterprises.

The need
What do you need for fast warehouse inventories error

  • Reducing the time required for accurate inventory so it does not affect the daily operation of the business
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the inventory at warehouses, codes and quantities
  • Possibility for partial (cyclic) inventories whenever the business wants.

The solution
What RayCom offers as a solution to manage inventories

  • Management of an inventory with many warehouses or several inventories each of which refers to a storage area
  • Managing multiple measurement units and packages
  • Ability of typing the amount per type or read the barcode for all blocks
  • Inventory per position and shelf, multiple barcodes per item, color management / size, serial number or part number
  • Preview inventory
  • Checking completion and printing of inventory
  • Print accounting and physical differences (actual) warehouse per item storage
  • Contact the ERP and inventory registration
  • Create history of inventories and archiving

The benefits
What you get from the solution for managing inventories

  • Fast and reliable inventory of goods
  • Fast ERP  updating, on the actual stock per storage space, product code and quantity
  • Avoidance of human error
  • Important information for purchasing managers
  • Significant assistance to sellers to know the stock
  • Immediate return on investment

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