Fleet management

Fleet Management

End unjustifiably high fuel consumption and low productivity of your staff.


A telematics device is installed on each vehicle, which is connected directly to the factory sensor located on the tank of each vehicle. This way the device monitors the amount of fuel in the tank of the vehicle at any time.

Fuel information along with others, such as the GPS position of the vehicle, are collected and processed by special methods from our company's servers to produce valid and timely reports requested by each business.

Fuel tracking via a factory sensor simplifies and accelerates the installation of the telematics system on the vehicle. At the same time, complicated modifications are avoided, such as jetting the tank and installing a second float.

RayCom's Fleet Management solution works everywhere in all service stations and in all types of vehicles, while offering many possibilities, including:

  1. Locating vehicles 24 hours a day
  2. Route representation
  3. Prints of daily vehicle reports
  4. Customer management
  5. Protection against fuel theft at the service station
  6. Protection against fuel theft
  7. Automated vehicle maintenance
  8. Actual operating kilometer compensation
  9. Anti-theft protection
  10. Geographical restriction of vehicles
  11. Safe driving - speed limit
  12. Protection of susceptible products - refrigerators

What we offer 



Speed ​​and Accuracy


  • Particular emphasis has been placed on the user experience
  • Special techniques and tools are developed, resulting quick response and speed over the Internet
  • Provides detailed digital maps, which are combined with specific Telematics, achieve high fidelity in the representation of the movement of vehicles in real time



Your vehicles at a glance


  • Monitor vehicle information updated in real time
  • Aggregated picture of the vehicle situation (traffic, stop, end) in real time
  • Detailed information for each vehicle



Fast and dynamic maps


  • Detailed digital maps with multiple display options
  • Direct monitoring of multiple vehicles simultaneously on the map, without delays
  • Show position, direction and vehicle routes on the map
  • Manage POI, mass loading the map and display simultaneously with the customer's vehicles
  • Display and playback route on the map



Easy Management


  • Create users with multiple features (Administrator, user, guest)
  • Options categories and user rights depending on the choice of the role
  • Management guides
  • Enter driver data and vehicle
  • Login vehicle with driver
  • Definition of sensors for each device



Detailed reporting and helpful alerts


Numerous reports for each:

  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle category
  • Guide
  • Sensor


Search the app for:

  • Vehicle Stops
  • Daily trips per vehicle
  • Velocity
  • Hours Violation
  • Passed route
  • Temperature
  • Fuel consumption

Support Alarms via e-mail / SMS

  • speeding, sensor status
  • conditions specified by the user


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