Gas station with natural gas in Ioannina

DEPA in collaboration with the UTILITY KOEL IOANNINA will operate in the first half of 2017, the first gas station for commercial and private vehicles in Ioannina.

As announced by DEPA, the two parties signed on 24/01/2017 a Trade Agreement and a Project Development Agreement. This project is pioneering for Greece, as:

  • The most modern technology for road transport will be used for the first time. In Epirus because this area is not connected to the National Transmission System.
  • The new DEPA service station will offer a cheap alternative fuel to the professional, increasing competitiveness in the transport sector.
  • It also provides great environmental benefits in the urban and peri-urban environment and will create multiple opportunities for new business and employment in the region.
  • The opening of the service station CNG in Ioannina will provide know-how and exploit operational synergies so as to achieve the procurement of VAT. To industrial and commercial customers in the wider region.


5, G.Papandreou

(Old Antheon Street)

Z.C. 546 45 Thessaoniki

T. (+030) 2310 816 166