Integrated customer support


RayCom’s HelpDesk , is designed and adapted to fully serve the needs of computer systems of the modern enterprise. Provides comprehensive telephone support services in matters of software and hardware.

HelpDesk provides technical support to companies – customers of RayCom, either  they are customers with technical support contracts or not. The mode of service is made with a single telephone call, which is routed either to the contact point of the enterprise, or for the case of this call opens a ticket RFA (Request For Action).

The ticket is routed to the appropriate department which takes over the processing of the application. At each point of processing the customer's request, they can be informed of the request and the end of the routing of the call, there is information to them  about the outcome of their request and the process followed. These tickets, open to any customer request to RayCom, and which may involve technical support, or any other application. In terms of technical support, routing of requests made to qualified engineers with extensive experience and expertise, properly trained to resolve any request for technical support. For the above operation, our company has:


  • Call center with highly trained staff to make best use of.
  • Telephone call management program and automatic rerouting either as phone calls or as tickets for RFA.
  • Inform the client at regular intervals or whenever asked about the status of their request.
  • Automatic database update on the status of any request.
  • Database with the most commonly occurring problems.
  • Database operations to solve the most commonly occurring problems.


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