How To Protect Your Computer After Cybercrime!

What will a cyber-attacked computer user see?

The unlucky user will see a message telling him that the computer, and especially its files, files such as images, videos, and texts have been encrypted.

This means that the user can not see them and read them and to see them again they will have to pay an amount they ask for. If he does not consider it a serious threat, he will realize the gravity of the situation when he finds that he will not be able to use his records.



 In this case, he is surely a victim of such a virus, explains the computer security expert who says "this is indeed one of the biggest cyber attacks we know."
What are the protection measures a computer user or a business must take to protect themselves against imminent danger.

The attack was based on a security gap in the Windows PC operating system, with the potential victims being those with a Windows operating system. This is a security gap that Microsoft has discovered a month ago, meaning users of Windows-supported versions of Windows, 7, 8, and 10 have been notified for a month By the company, but it is sufficient if the auto-upgrade function is enabled and not disabled.

At the same time, and for those who have or have an operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft because of their age, such as Windows XP, "the company has released special patches right after the attack, which the company does not So one understands how important and large this attack is.

However, it is important to take all security measures for their Personal Computer, but also to protect those who are connected with it.

Before anyone can open their computer these days, and if they have not made the necessary upgrades, they will have to disconnect them from the Internet. When the computer is turned on, it is necessary, with the help of an expert, to activate the upgrades and in any case take backups from our personal data, especially pictures, videos and other important files. This is something that we must do in any case and be our common practice.

The risk has not passed for those who do not take the above security measures in our country as well.

With this last hit, malicious users may see that their actions are attributing and yielding an economic benefit, so those who are attacked by the ransomware virus should not in any way pay for the amount they ask for the aspiring blacksmiths but To turn to experts who will be able to resolve this serious issue.

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