Internet Services

RayCom offers Internet services of high quality, reliability and aesthetics.

We pay special attention to the color and shape of the page. In each of our creations persist until we achieve a balanced result, which is to please and still be usable. Analyzing the structure of information you want to view design and implement pages easy for the user, making sure to always place the navigation needs, without confuse them. We mind the categories that need special projection is reached by a move of each page. 


RayCom supports all popular programming languages ​​and databases, as well as most multimedia streaming formats. Even if you have special requirements or need some special support for specific tools, all you have to do is let us know and we will install them at no extra charge.


Applications Programming
Utilizing cutting edge in Internet technologies can create online applications that work for you. We guarantee the safety and smooth operation. With every page you create offers free training so you can take advantage of the right, and have a strong presence to the internet, without having to pay for expensive updates to your site. 


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(Old Antheon Street)

Z.C. 546 45 Thessaoniki

T. (+030) 2310 816 166