Retail Business Solutions

Retail Business Solutions

It is the solution for business sales such as super market, mini market, grocery stores, kiosks, fast food etc.

The solution design is for businesses that run with requirements in the speed of document issuance, by staff that are not technology-related and accounting concepts, which is often routed to the company's resources.

The fund is operated with touch screens and can be connected to cash registers or operate with a tax mechanism called LOADS or ADIME.

Functional Features:

  • Retail - Wholesale Sales
  • Credit card management
  • Immediate and fast customer service
  • Instant information about offers and promotions
  • Campaign Management
  • SMS bulk mail service for bids
  • Ability to sell multiple Barcode codes per item
  • Barcode sale for Balanced Items
  • Possibility to sell with identifying product attributes eg Color - Size
  • Categorizing items into multiple levels of hierarchy without limit
  • Creating new customer - types
  • Assign new Barcode codes in kind
  • No limit simultaneous pricing for multiple clients from a fund (HOLD status)
  • When pricing from the Retail POS screen, you can directly change the description of the item, its sales quantity, price and price list, type of document, customer and payment method
  • Ability to change discount on the line of the document type as well as on the whole document
  • Cancellation of documents
  • Customer display with all pricing elements as well as playlist of promotional messages in video, image, text


Possibilities of connecting retail branches to the central one such as:

  • Real time connection (online)
  • Asynchronous connection (whenever possible)
  • Two-way automatic synchronization of retail stores with the main store (sales, balances, customers, items, price lists, etc.)
  • MIS collection of statistics

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