Support contracts

IT facilities of the modern enterprise, now based on criteria such as, high and continuous availability and performance of the workflow.
In this direction, the first step is the reliable support and regular and scheduled maintenance of equipment, both in terms of operating systems, and application-level.
In the scheduled checks, it is necessary to check the functionality of the equipment, with immediate replacement of defective parts if necessary.
After each scheduled preventive maintenance of computer equipment, the company has direct written information on the status of the equipment so early to undertake the necessary actions to improve it. Furthermore, all calls to the company for technical support, recorded by the HelpDesk of RayCom and delivered in writing to the company.
Requests for support are serviced either by phone or by remote management, either through direct presence of the IT engineer in the business area.
Our goal is each action to be in the ideal time for the business. The Technical Support Department RayCom offers a range of specialized support and maintenance contracts at competitive prices, to meet the different needs of each company. 

A series of standard technical support contracts are as follows: 


  • Support Contract Software (System & Application).
  • Hardware Support contract.
  • Hardware Support Agreement and Software.
  • Phone Support Contract.
  • Support Mechanism Tax Convention.
  • Users / managers training Contract on issues of use and management equipment.
  • VPN Support Convention and IP applications.
  • Engineer buy-hours action for efficient and economical use of the offered support.


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