Systems Development

In the development sector RayCom can provide a wide range of different systems based on your needs. Some of these include the following:

 Server Administration

  • Design and implementation Domains on MS Windows 2003 and Active Directory Services according to operational needs of the business.
  • Network Settings (DHCP, WINS, TCP / IP) in accordance with the requirements and in cooperation with the customer.
  • Performance tweaking in Servers and Networks and model similar software for their smooth and optimum operation.
  • Systems Management Server (SMS) Automatic and simultaneous installation of any software on many clients.
  • Recording of the technical characteristics of clients (memory, disk, etc.) and reporting any changes to them.
  • Remote help desk. Monitoring of software licenses that are installed in the entire network.
  • Terminal Server and Windows 2003 terminal services.
  • Remotely run applications below any operating (DOS, Win9x, NT, 2000, XP).


  • WAN Networks (Routers Installation) through Frame relay, Analog and Digital leased lines, GSM, ATM. Back up all of the above links to ISDN dialup connections.
  • VPN MPLS IP-VPN ADSL through the extensive benefits and security of your connection
  • Optimize performance routers through protocols static, RIP, OSPF, etc. it depends on the situation.

 Electronic Communication

  • Internal / Intranet Email format [email protected] with the MS Exchange Server.
  • Voice over IP solutions with Linksys products, Avaya or Cisco.
  • Internal communication between terminals using IM


  • Additional safety rules and procedures to avoid any known (by today's standards) a breach of security.
  • Secured Remote Access Services VPN and with Cisco products, Shiva along with the operating system.
  • Software Firewall with Microsoft ISA Server is based on stable operating Linux.
  • Hardware Firewall with Cisco or Intel products.
  • Caching Proxy services with Cisco products is based on stable operating Linux.
  • Antivirus Software or Hardware for Servers and terminal products Symantec, Karpersky or NOD32

 Back-up - Disaster Recovery

  • Establish Disaster Recovery procedures for mission critical facilities.
  • Solutions Network Backup With Legato products


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