VPN Technology

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a technology that is making a significant spread. Thousands of companies choose VPN for both security that provide Internet connectivity for significant cost savings.

RayCom offers VPN networking solutions with the technology of ADSL and Frame Relay with branded equipment and the relevant expertise of its people.

To whom VPN is addressed
Enterprises with more than one point of presence (shops, offices) very often face communication or operating problems resulting from the geographical distance between these points. These are precisely the companies addressed a Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network, VPN), which can provide solutions in communication, organization, management and distribution of information in all departments or branches of a company, wherever they are, and mainly with specific safeguards.

Contact - Information exchange - Safety

Advantages of VPN
VPNs provides more advantages than the "traditional" interconnection technologies, fact that has made it very popular. Their main characteristic is that they allow the use of the Internet for communication between offices / branches of an enterprise located in different geographic locations. There are three main advantages of VPN: cost savings, flexibility, as well as easily adapted to different sizes of business needs and requirements, and security.

Cost savings
Cost savings arising as VPN eliminates the need for expensive leased lines. With a VPN, the company needs a local leased line (at a much lower cost) or even a broadband connection (ADSL).
The costs of a firm chosen by the "traditional" solution of the leased line may at first not seem very high, but almost always increases along the way, almost geometric. For example, a small company with two shops buys a leased line to connect them. But if you open a third store, you need two additional leased lines. So 4 stores require 6 lines, 5 shops takes 10 etc.

As regards the flexibility provided by the VPN, they easily adapt to business needs, as the majority of network services, do not require signing long-term contract of enterprise with the provider. It's easy for a company to change provider, if the cost is lower. In addition, a VPN requires much less time in "Setting" from the installation of a leased line. For sectors such as insurance or construction, the time saving is crucial.

As mentioned above, one of the major advantages of VPN and one of the causes of their rapid development is the very high degree of security they provide. The data moving through the VPN is confidential and certification required by codes to access them. Often companies choose to develop extranets over Virtual Private Networks in order to give access privileges to customers, partners, and trading partners. Also, this solution allows access control, with different rights for different groups of users. This method is much simpler and more economical than "traditional" methods applied today technology managers.

For all the above reasons, each SME needs for the connectivity and intra-corporate communications can choose a Virtual Private Network. The benefits of both in financial terms (cost savings, value-added services) and security level from online threats, are undeniable.


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