Invoice Management Systems



The RayGas software solution is the ideal tool for gas stations, to monitor commercial management (customers, suppliers, receipts, payments, expenses), and to quickly and easily issue invoices (sales, purchases).  

It consists of several subsystems, such as:

  • Quick and easy invoicing
  • Trader Management System to maintain all customer, vendor, third party information with easy registration of a new trader simply by using the VAT number and by connecting to GGAS
  • Warehouse management system for registering goods and services and categorizing them, as well as tracking item balance
  • Interface with external materials and software for collaborating with external programs (such as trading and accounting bridge) and for additional process automation (such as the use of a barcode scanner for quick hardware finding)
  • Retail receipts management system using a tax mechanism
  • A reporting system that allows full information to the enterprise based on the use of the application and the subsystems (sales, purchases, costs, VAT, finance)
  • Automatic transmission of heating oil drives to Hephaestus
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