Custom Applications

Most standard applications today cover about 85% of enterprises.

Several companies, especially individual not covered by the existing standard applications. This is because it is not possible from software development firms to provide all the specialized needs of a business, but even if they are known, it is not advantageous to create a new program that will cover after failing to meet a large number of customers that to share the cost.

RayCom poring these statistics, created the Custom application development department with a focus on speed (and hence low cost) development and implementation of specialized requirements to meet the requirements and those of business.

The application development department undertakes the development of specific applications in order to meet 100% of customer's needs. The applications are designed and developed in environments Client Server. To develop the specific tools used to manage files and supported by all major relational databases (Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, etc.).

This has created some of these applications, which can be modified according to any new requirements of the company's new customers.

  • Application of the Institute of Aesthetics
  • Applying Slimming Institute
  • Applying Gymnastics
  • Doctor Application
  • Air Conditioning Service Application
  • Application of Shipment Observe


 These applications are regularly upgraded with new versions that automatically update existing applications.


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