Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In the modern era of increasing competition of companies and the requirement of customers for quality services , CRM is one way for companies wishing to remain competitive and grow.

The CRM is a methodology for understanding the needs of existing and future customers with a focus on their convenience. It relies on extensive use and movement of information and a basis on which the company to promote its products and services in the best possible way, shaping the climate in relations with customers and exploiting the advantage.

CRM Features
The CRM improves business processes by automating those needs and providing solutions in the following areas of business:

• Marketing
• Sales
• Support
• E-Commerce
• Management
• Orders
• Contracts
• Productivity

To increase the quality of results in the above functions a CRM provides the following capabilities: 

• Advanced Customer Management
• Monitoring appointments
• Task Manager
• Manage leads
• Communication via e-mail, fax
• Working with computerized ERP system
• Advanced Administrative Information
• Management of orders
• Business Standards
• Monitoring contacts
• Campaigns promoting
• Off Line Function
• Compatibility with Microsoft applications

It is obvious that the CRM solution is far from a simple installation and use of software. Rather, it is an integrated strategy that reorganizes business processes, externalizing the potential of the back-office reaching efficiently the requirements and needs of customers. It sets new conditions on the business transactions using new parameters in the management of customers, always aiming to create a single strategy, capable to lead business  to profitable growth. This strategy includes:

• Goals
• Footage
• Schedule
• Organization
• Vision 

There is thus the solution of the CRM is an advanced operating philosophy in business, creating a flexible work environment that can respond to the individual needs of the modern market.

Advantages of using CRM
The main advantages of using CRM is and the basic operating characteristics of the modern enterprise that has vision and strategy:

• Fast information distribution
• Faster sales cycles
• Prioritisation procedures
• Integrated enterprise image information
• Work analysis – activities
• Identify the most profitable customers
• Targeted Marketing Communication
• Limiting losses
• Create perfect relationship with customers
• Qualitative service 

It is clear that using a CRM solution guides the company to evolution of the operation through simple procedures such as recording and handling of information and the automated analysis of activities, whether they relate to the promotion of sales or customer support. The CRM is a powerful tool externalization of the advantages of the company, turning each activity of its executives in profit.


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