This page is a summary of RayCom, a dynamic company in the IT area in Northern Greece in Thessaloniki.

RayCom was established in 1997 with focus on the convergence of two technologies, information technology and communications, providing integrated solutions for businesses, gas stations and retail stores.

Since its founding, RayCom was based on four main principles that characterize the philosophy of the company until today, expertise, reliability, efficiency and consistency.

The last 10 years RayCom invested in Gas stations systems with particular attention. The official beginning took place in 2003 with the introduction of fiscal processors in the invoicing system. With the already established knowledge base of the software implementations in businesses, and having the required experience and expertise,  the company gradually began to install gas station management systems.

Then, in 2009, the mandatory application of cash registers resulted in a very strong presence of RayCom in the Northern Greece market, since alongside the simple cash solutions the company installed management systems in dozens of gas stations in Northern Greece with a successfully organized technical support department. It is worth noting that RayCom installed one of the first gas station management systems.

Based on values like quality, honesty, consistency, personal relationship and care, RayCom managed in its 20 years history to be a protagonist in the market.



5, G.Papandreou

(Old Antheon Street)

Z.C. 546 45 Thessaoniki

T. (+030) 2310 816 166