Indicative on-the-spot audits for the certification of Input-Outflow Systems by Information Society Controllers SA continue and are completed. !

Auditors of the Information Society SA carry out random checks at specific stations, which are informed in due time by the owners of the Stores.

Particularly, the checks have been started and completed in the first days of the 1st Cycle (Attiki - Thessaloniki).
From early May, sampling checks are underway at the second Cycle Stations (Heraklion, Magnesia, Larissa, Ioannina & Patras).
From the beginning of July, the sampling check of the service stations of the Cycle C (Rest of Territory) will begin.

Based on the information provided by the executives of the Information Society SA The disbursements for the first-class service stations will start from the end of May 2017 and will follow in the next few months for both the 2nd Cycle and the 3rd Cycle.

The purpose of the controls is the accuracy of the information provided by the Beneficiary about the physical and economic progress of the transaction. Implementation of the physical object of the transaction (proposal of each Beneficiary), in accordance with the terms of the respective legal commitment or decision to grant aid. That the declared expenditure is real, corresponds to a materialized object and it is documented that there is a sufficient audit trail.

The realization of the expenses mentioned in the Verification - Certification of Completion of the Application and their eligibility based on the original documents and other supporting documents and documentation. Compliance with national and Community rules, including publicity rules. The work of the Auditors of each on-site Verification Group is completed by the preparation of an on-site verification report and its submission to the IS AE.

The number of on-site verification checkpoints may not be less than two (2) per on-site verification.


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