IP Networks - Communications

IP Networks - Communications

RayCom has installed numerous networks of mixed services (data, voice, and video) and the corresponding management subsystems (NMS) proving their experience and know-how of the company in the completion of such solutions accompanied by small installation and start times of operation. Having extensive experience in design, installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of both small and larger IP networks, enables the networks all the services and protocols required by the customer for its applications.
The integration of old and new telecommunications systems through a basic network saves money and resources by allowing a more efficient exploitation of existing and new telecommunications infrastructure. Moreover activates secure Internet connections and Internet servers, configures the VoIP telephone network, and Video Conference. It provides extra services such as access for VPN, secure access dialing (VPDN - Virtual Private Dialup Network) and can serve Web applications and host web sites.


VoIP (Voice over IP)
Integration Networks Voice & Data: Luxury or Necessity?

Voice services are a key element for the proper functioning of a company and of course a significant cost center. The choice of the consolidated response voice / data, ie the feasibility of telephone calls using IP protocol, is not just a luxury for modern business, but a need! RayCom is your ideal business partner in this area! 

Why integrated network?
A major cost center of modern enterprises are undoubtedly costs of telephone calls. Modern technologies have provided alternative means of communication in business, such as e-mail or chat, but direct contact offered by a telephone conversation does not seem to be replaced.
The idea behind all businesses are squeezing costs and increase flexibility in the communication. The solution in this direction gives the consolidated data of voice solutions, the possibility that implementation of telephone calls using IP protocol. Telephony over IP is a relatively new technology, given but the rapid evolution of technologies, one can claim to have gone through the stage of development at the stage of maturity: They have developed the standards and runs the competition, resulting in many products on the market and squeeze costs with end.

Why integrated network by RayCom;
The plethora of products and solutions on the market, makes sense to create confusion in a business. Choosing the right equipment and the right architecture is the most important parameter for the successful adoption of an IP telephony system.
Our company has proven experience in the fields of telephony and modern integrated networks. It has developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers such as the CISCO ,AVAYA ,LinkSys and Panasonic, has the most experienced executives and has implemented a multitude of complex telephone installation projects. The technical consultants of RayCom ares able to suggest the most appropriate technological choice for your company's business operating model, ensuring the best-economic results.

Integrated Network Strategies
To implement an integrated voice and data network, there are three different strategies we can follow: 

Simple toll bypass. This solution has the lowest cost and less flexibility. Requires no change T / C (PBX), wiring and appliances and is easy to implement.
IP-enabled T / K (PBX). It is the middle ground. No need to change wiring or appliances, but upgrading PBXs that support the protocols of Internet telephony technologies. Protects existing investment to the fullest extent.
Total IP Telephony. This is a complete IP telephony solution. In this case replacement / supply of telephone devices with IP telephones connected through the LAN is required. Also course and adding special service which mimic the functions of the Call Center.


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