Mobile Fuel Station

RayCom, with years of experience in developing gas station solutions and applying the legal framework for the operation of private service stations, has developed a portable container service solution to meet the needs of businesses with temporary installation.

 This solution is addressed to:

  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Mines
  • Workshops

The RayCom Mobile Fuel Station solution consists of:

  • Container 20 '' or 40 '' High Cube or Skid
  • Single or double wall fuel tanks with a capacity of 7m³, 10m³, 15m³, 20m³, 30m³, 40m³ based on BS EN 12285-2: 2005
  • Heavy-duty lid for access to the manhole of the tank
  • Access ramp to the roof of the Container
  • Possibility of installing two tanks, in case of need of a different type of fuel (gasoline-oil or two kinds of Petroleum)
  • A tank alignment system in the Container
  • Complete hydraulic network for tank filling, pump suction, bleeding and fueling of the tank
  • Remote filling with all safe and ergonomic devices to fill the tank with a tank (tank overflow system, non-return valve, quick coupler, etc.)
  • Ventilation system around the Container, according to the ATEX Explosion Explosion Study and the Risk Assessment (RIS)
  • ELOT HD 384 Electrical Infrastructure based on ATEX Explosion Explosion Study,from explosion-proof equipment, depending on the ATEX bands
  • Outdoor five-pole worksite outlet for direct power supply
  • Possibility of lightning protection for the operator
  • Internal grounding device to prevent sparking and static electricity
  • Floor covering with non-slip sheet for worker safety
  • Leakage stop for hydraulic parts of the pump
  • Watertight basin for collecting any fuel leakage during maintenance of pumps and use of the nozzle, with metal grill
  • Watertight basin of equal volume with fuel tank (if single wall tank is selected)
  • Fire extinguishing systems with 9kg fire extinguisher and 6kg fire extinguisher at the door
  • Input-Output System for complete control of fuel feeds
  • Certified bronze rod, calibrated per millimeter, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the control of fuel stocks and deliveries
  • Accredited Tumble Counting
  • Fast Fuel Pump with all certifications
  • Installation area of ​​the Outflow Input System devices
  • Special painting according to the environmental requirements


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Z.C. 546 43 Thessaoniki

T. (+030) 2310 816 166