Technology helps growth of tourism and retail businesses

Tourism is admittedly a key pillar of the Greek "heavy" industry with several Greek software companies that develop solutions to meet the needs of this area. One of them is RayCom, a company based in Thessaloniki, which holds a dominant position in this market, providing comprehensive and reliable solutions.

These solutions cover all businesses such as restaurants, Café, Pastry shops, Snack Bars, Taverns, Beach Bars, Super markets, mini markets, kiosks, etc. In addition, we provide solutions with online connection to ERP programs when necessary, to ensure full coverage of the business' requirements. However, implementation of such projects, except the specialized software, require the appropriate hardware, too.

In this context, RayCom has for years chosen to utilize the POS systems (Point of Sale) to the Greek market. These systems are reliable, take up little space and have a very good price to performance ratio (value for money).


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