Web design
In RayCom we specialize in designing and constructing web sites. The aesthetics and consistency in our modern and innovative web applications let us build websites that are benchmarks. Together we will work for a successful presence of your business online, we will analyze projection mechanisms and how you convert your website into a marketing tool. 

Why do I need a website?
Nowadays overwhelming percentage of users seeking information via the internet for products, services, news etc .. Certainly one of your competitors will have a web presence and operates in favor of those searches, increasing its sales and corporate profile.
The construction of a website is now more necessary than ever since it is an extremely important tool that can be used to promote your brand logo, products or your services beyond the geographical boundaries delimiting your seat. 

The design and construction of the website by RayCom
We are aware of both the technologies and the design trends used worldwide in construction sites. The study before each individual project we create includes: 

  • Effective communication of corporate identity: the user should easily understand what is the company's scope of activity.
  • Correct placement of text / message: we will find you the competitive advantage and present it clearly to be transferred effectively to your customer.
  • Study of Navigation (user interface): In each of our websites , there is detailed study for easy user navigation within it and the way in which each element that makes up.
  • Proper use of typography, graphics, images, colors: the text and messages must be clearly visible, the photos processed at the correct size and sharpness, colors must conform to your profile and not overwhelm your website visitors.
  • Interaction with Social Media (Social Media): Users must be able to share the content of your website and to convey your message. The use of social buttons necessary as proper planning the structure of the website.
  • Keywords (keyword research): study with which words or phrases users search for products, services or business in general and use the structure of your text in some programming techniques.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): all of the above can operate according to the requirements of SEO. Search engines are the method used by each user in searches. The websites we make have high traffic because we know how to go in the first pages.
  • Site, a living organism: We will deliver an integrated project, with our experience, our advice and together we will develop cooperation with your Internet presence.
  • RayCom with qualified and experienced personnel guarantees you design a unique, functional and high-quality website using modern design techniques (Flash, Java, ASP, XML, C #, .NET).


In Recent Works you can see our clients web design samples.


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