Wireless Networks - Video Conference

Wireless communications not only improve our mobility and create new ways of working and living, but allow the immediate deployment and minimize the total cost of investment. RayCom recognizes modern wireless connectivity needs by acquiring extensive experience in this field.
Wireless data networks replace large numbers of existing cable networks, or local (LAN or WLAN) or at remote sites connectivity level (WAN), using two-way satellite and microwave communications. Today is not a substitute for the local loop or the LMDS or in a wireless Hot Spots (shared WLAN).
Their implementation involves the use of microwave, laser or radio frequency. Wireless networks are used to replace leased voice lines and data with a view to greater flexibility of workers and expansion of existing cable network. Moreover, they used as subnets (or alternative backup), to ensure continuity in case of problems of the primary network or as an alternative route.



Video Conference

RayCom has the leading solutions available Video Conferencing in the Greek Market. International partnerships with manufacturers remarkable videoconferencing systems has been underway since 1997 and has thus acquired a large customer base.
Representative examples of videoconference applications are in the areas of  teleworking, e-Learning and Telemedicine. (Collaborative conferences, Tele-medicine, Tele-learning, Tele-education and Tele-training).
Video Conference applications (Teleconference), offer the possibility of direct communication for companies and organizations via bidirectional simultaneous audio and video transmission between people in different locations or in areas where there is movement difficulty.
The main advantages offered by teleconference applications, is to minimize the response time, the rapid transmission of the requested information, the creation of a positive work climate and of course to reduce the cost of providing services or completing a project.
An example is to optimize cooperation workers of a company that operates in northern Greece and in other cities so the executives of constantly traveling for information. Applying formal Videoconferencing solutions achieve common integrated cooperation significantly reducing travel costs and losing time.

In e-education is the main mean of simultaneous education (synchronous e-learning). The transmission of digitized media (picture, sound) and information (data) is the telecommunication either through digital ISDN lines or via Internet (Internet). The performance increase of Internet service networks and improving technology associated equipment enables economical use of Video Conferencing with immediate effect from spreading to consumers. Usually a call Video Conference substitute a phone call (point to point). To implement Video Conferencing among many points exploited Video Conferencing Bridges that beyond this function allows the connection of multiple transmission media and thus consolidated in an environment teleconferencing calls from ISDN, digital networks and Internet.


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